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Your First Visit

Your first visit is especially important to us. The initial periodontal and/or implant evaluation consists of periodontal probing to determine bone levels of all the teeth and evaluation of the area where a dental implant or implants may be indicated. This thorough examination enables us to assess your individual needs and address any questions that you may have. We usually allow a full hour to provide adequate time for the examination and consultation. If we have received x-rays from your dentist prior to the appointment, it will probably not be necessary for us to take additional films. However, in order to properly assess and treat your periodontal problem, additional films may be needed. 

Once the examination is complete, your doctor will then consult with you about her findings and her treatment recommendations. We want to ensure that all of our patients fully understand the treatment that we are recommending. No question is too small or insignificant. Please ask for more details if there is something that you do not understand.

Beginning Treatment

Your periodontal and/or implant treatment will be broken down into a sequence of appointments. We normally schedule all surgeries in the morning to allow the adequate time needed for your treatment. You will be given medications and post-operative instructions after your surgery. Please let our office know if you do not receive the instructions or medications.

Follow-Up and Post-Operative Visits

Your doctor would like to see you for a post-operative visit approximately 1-2 weeks following periodontal surgery. This is to make sure the site is healing properly and all sutures are gone. She will also like you to have your teeth cleaned every 3 months with an exam once a year to keep your periodontal status stable. These cleanings are usually alternated with your general dentist.

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